While we sit here in the middle of one of the biggest storms we Californians have seen in many years, I stare out the window and WISH it was already Summer again!!  I am a huge fan of warm nights, bare feet, and golden sunsets, just not the 4:30pm ones! So while mother nature does her thing, I thought we should take a look back at the adorable Jensen's playing in the warm weather at the beach! 

Family Photos, Point Lobos, Carmel, CA

I first met these kiddos when Little Sister E turned 1. She was so little, with the tiniest little red curls behind her ears. They have Both grown so much! I just adore those stunning blue eyes, and the adorable dusting of freckles on those little noses. 

Do you feel just a little bit warmer? I know I do! These kiddos were such a joy to work with. We ran on the beach, we laughed, told jokes, and rolled down the sandy hills! I may have had a lot of sand in my pockets and boots when I got home, but it was so worth it! 

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