You have booked your appointment, and the next question you have is "What do we wear?!" This is a tough one that even I struggle with so in this post we are going to explore some different looks and ways to coordinate! 

I love to save ideas for color combos, and since the invention of Pinterest, I have to say that I may have become a little obsessed. Some may go so far as to say I am a Cyber Hoarder .... But what a perfect place to save and organize all your ideas! Even the ones I know I will never try (like the cupcakes in an ice cream come ... I am not even going to pretend that I am coordinated enough for that one!) 

First on the list, You DON'T MATCH! You want to COORDINATE!  When you all wear the same outfit it has a tendency to make your photos look dated. Just imagine looking through your old photo albums, I bet you can pretty accurately pinpoint the decade the photos were taken. When you invest in family photos you will want to ensure they are timeless. Let's go over some examples! 


There are websites like Polyvore that can show you what is popular right now and help you find where you can buy it! Just be sure to stay away from items that are too trendy.  The above look is a great example, we have 2 fun patterns on the kids that we can pull colors from, but do not distract from each other, and we are using Demin as a neutral.  We are also able to see some great textures! The cable knit sweater for sister, the cardigan for dad, and mom's scarf choices make for great contrast and give depth to your look. And let's not forget those Shoes!!  When you go through so much work to pull everything together, it is a shame to throw on your dirty running shoes and have it end up ruining the overall look you are going for. 

You don't all have to wear every color in your palette either!  This Yellow and Navy theme is fun, but notice how dad doesn't wear the navy, and brother has not yellow, BUT! everyone still coordinates nicely! 

Here we incorporate a fun POP of color with Mom's red Dress! We tie that pop of color together with the rest of the look with sister's skirt and the pattern on brother's sweater. 

In this example, we have the plaid shirt that has multiple colors in it that we can pull from. This gives you a little more freedom with colors and accessories. The blues and the greens that you may not have put together otherwise look right at home when photographer with this Plaid shirt in the mix!

For more examples and color palette examples check out my Pinterest board What To Wear For Your Photos 

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