When we are surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it would be a crime not to take advantage of Such Beauty! Our Local Beaches in Carmel Make the Perfect Backdrop for this! The 'D' Family and I were so blessed to arrive at this location and find the PERFECT Weather and (believe it or not) No WIND!  Which, if you are from Carmel you know, it next to impossible.  

Monterey Family Photographer
Carmel Family Photographer

And Can I just take a second to chat about these 2?!

Carmel Children's Photographer

I had a blast exploring the beach, laughing, finding just the right spots for pictures, and of course one of them HAD to jump in the water ..... Can you guess which one?!?

Monterey Children's Photographer
Children's Portraits

If you guessed this little guy, you would be correct!!  And If you are not from the area, let me assure you the water here is FREEZING!  If you look closely you can see his jeans are a little wet from his first attempt. 

With all the joy of 2 boys running along the beach, you can't help but get the best smiles and belly laughs!

Kid's Portraits, Brothers
Carmel Beach Photographer

I have to send a huge thank you and big hugs to the 'D' Family! It was so such a blessing to be able to photograph these moments.

Camel Beach Family Photography
Monterey Beach Photography

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