No Matter how many times I ask this question, the answer remains along the same lines ... "When is the last time you and your husband had a portrait done?"  (awkward side glance, pursed lips) "Uummmmm ...  At our Wedding ...????"   The actual wording might change, but this is pretty accurate for about 90% of my families. Which makes it all the more important to me to make sure I take a few minutes (while the kids run amok) and get some photos of mom and dad, NOT being mom and dad! Years may have passed, appearance may have begun to change, but put Mom and Dad in that first pose and you can see their beginning all over again. 

Right before The S Family's Photoshoot, our beautiful location was used as a command post for Fire Fighters and Emergency crews that were battling a huge fire in the mountains south of us. This meant NO DRIVING, so we put everything in a wagon and went walking! To pass the time we stomped big dried leaves on the ground to see who could find the one that crunched the loudest, and of course I lost! I absolutely adore the playfulness and genuine emotions in these portraits! 

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