This Story all started when a Mom sat down at the wrong table ...  a year ago, a group of moms went out for some Mom time and to see the Movie Bad Moms!  While we were waiting and chatting this adorable woman walks up and asks if we are there for the Bad Moms Movie? We say "YES! have a seat and some snacks!!"  Well, after about an hour, she realizes that we ARE NOT the group of Moms she was supposed to meet that night! But we were fun and she decided to stay. We had so much fun, and stayed after the movie to hang out and chat some more! Fast forward one year, and she is having another beautiful baby and she called ME! to photograph this part of her story for her.

Sheryl Bjorn Photography, Family Photographer, Carmel

We had an amazing day at the beach in Carmel! It was warm and sunny, no fog and no wind. And if you are from Carmel or Monterey, you know that is rare!

Sheryl Bjorn Photography, Monterey Family Photographer
Sheryl Bjorn Photographer, Carmel Beach Portraits

Camden and I had so much fun exploring the driftwood tee-pee's that were left on the beach for us to find. And, his giggles as he ran from the waves were just precious! 

Sheryl Bjorn Photography, Maternity Portraits, Monterey

That Gorgeous Sunlight! These are my favorite days to be on location. Catching this gorgeous glow in my portraits is what I live for!

Sheryl Bjorn Photography, Beach Maternity Photos, Monterey

And for my favorite part of every family session ... The FUN Family Portraits! My favorite photos always come from these moments when we let loose, play a little, and forget the camera is there altogether! 

Sheryl Bjorn Photography, Family Photographer, SAlinas
Sheryl Bjorn Photography, Fun Family Portraits
Sheryl Bjorn Photography, children and toddler photographer
Sheryl Bjorn Photography, Family Portraits, Candid Photos
Sheryl Bjorn Photography, Monterey Beach Photographer
Sheryl Bjorn Photography, Carmel Beach Photographer

To say I love everything about this Session is such an understatement! The gorgeous Kile Family are so natural and happy in front of the camera. The amazing sunset and the perfect day all came together to make this Photoshoot absolutely PERFECT!  A huge congratulations to the Kile Family on their newest addition! We can't wait to see That beautiful Baby in 2018! 

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