I thought you might like a little insight to my process!

We begin with a consultation. We can do these over the phone or in person. During this meeting we will go over your expectations, ideas, and the goals you have for your Photoshoot. Preparing and Communication are the most important parts of your photoshoot. This is Key to ensuring you have a Fun and Stress free experience! 

As they say ... Location, Location, Location! Finding the perfect location for your session is part of the fun. I have my favorites and can always make recommendations that will compliment the look you are going for, but, I want to hear your ideas and am always open to suggestions.

Let's not forget Wardrobe! As a self-diagnosed Shop-a-Holic, I have the most fun with this one. When choosing the clothing for your photoshoot it is important to Coordinate with each other, but not match. Matching perfectly can date your photos and we loose that timeless look we are going for. Color is Key! Don't be afraid to choose a pop of color or fun article of clothing to bring your personalities to life. Your clothing should fit well, clothes that are too big can be worse than clothes that are too small. Well fitting clothing ensure that you will look your best. Lastly, when choosing items, stay away from logos or wording on your clothing. These will often not show completely and will draw attention away from your beautiful smiling faces. 

We can't forget about the Kids!! If we are doing portraits for your little loves, or family photos it is helpful to get them excited about taking photos. Tell them how much fun we are going to have. There is no need to put the pressure of 'best behavior' on them.  One of the most important things you can do is stay calm. Kids take their cues from you, so to keep them calm and happy, you need to be relaxed. And of course, Treats never hurt! 

Still have Questions? Let me Answer them!